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Introduction to SprayVIS

Tradiebot’s Spray Painting Training Simulator provides one of the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective methods of training staff and students in automotive spray painting best practices. Our Virtual Reality Simulator offers immersive and gamified interactive virtual training environments in order to deliver engaging and intuitive training experiences, allowing users to feel as though they are in a real life environment of an automotive spray booth with six degrees of freedom to interact and move around and undertake training tasks.
SprayVIS aims to save your business or institute thousands of dollars in paint, material, time and maintenance costs, with no requirement for paint or prepped parts. The system can be assembled and dissembled within seconds, and is essentially maintenance free.

Available Features:

  • 4 paintable parts including bonnet, fender, door, and rear bumper
    • Additional custom parts can be added at a user’s request
  • 3 paint coats: primer, colour, and clear coat
  • Real-time motion tracking and feedback on the distance and angle of spray gun relative to the part
  • Training insights including paint volume used, time taken, and paint coverage maps to visually indicate under and overspray
  • Interactive virtual trainers guide the user through professional technique
  • Assessment companion app to provide an overview of how students are progressing
  • Compact and 100% portable with everything fitting in a single travel case. Just plug into a power source and begin training
  • Custom controller to simulate the feel of an actual spray gun
  • Secure Individual user accounts- enabling progress tracking

                                   Unique profiles and logins to track progress.

Learn and refine skills on a range of different parts.

Environmental Benefits:

Waste Free Training:  no longer need to worry about what your excess paint is doing to the environment.
The heat map feature allows users and instructors to source information relating to paint usage, identifying on a scale the sections of over-spray and under-spray.

Intuitive under and over spray feedback through paint coverage maps

VR Training Benefits:

Tradiebot’s Spray Painting Training Simulator reduces training set up time to just seconds, with this plug and play option, users place the headset on and select the required part and can commence training. This technology allows your trainee to receive real time intuitive feedback on their work. Simulating a safe and controlled environment lowering the risk of environmental impacts and injuries from equipment and VOC emissions.

Through the companion app, instructors can also receive intelligent insights on how their trainees are progressing and improving.

Companion App:

The VR application also comes with a companion app that allows instructors to easily track progress of their trainees by providing progress graphs and have the ability to manage user profiles by creating new accounts and/or changing passwords. This is perfect for large classes and allows trainees to practice in their own time while still allowing the instructor to provide feedback. With future updates the companion app will become even more valuable in tracking trainee progress.


                                                 Companion app- part breakdown

Companion app- statistics for selected part

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