October 2019

Tradiebot Attends Australian Skills Week in Vietnam

Tradiebot has just returned from a successful trip attending the Australian Skills Week hosted by Australian Government, AusCham Vietnam, Austrade and WorldSkills Australia. The week long event hosted in Vietnam brought together government and education representatives to address the needs for new programs and technologies in early learning training. 

Congratulations to all the Australian representatives and government bodies who contributed. 


Tradiebot CEO Mario Dimovski talks 3D Printing at Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Forum

Our CEO, Mario Dimovski will be speaking at the 2nd Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Forum  held in Melbourne today. He will be discussing his journey in 3D Printing and digital transformation within the automotive repair industry including, our collaboration project Repairbot with the AMA Group – Panel Division, university partner Swinburne University of Technology and supported by the governments Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC).

Tradiebot Exhibits at Darwin Technology Showcase

Tradiebot showcasing our VR spray paint training simulator SprayVIS at the BAE Systems Australia ‘Conquering the Tyranny of Distance’ showcase in Darwin.
Joining a select group of innovation companies from around Australia exhibiting the latest technologies to local businesses, schools and training organisations.

Tradiebot Talent Spotlight

Tradiebot has a team of talented and dedicated individuals that make up our development team working on our multiple industry first projects.

This month’s Tradiebot talent spotlight goes to Darko Pajkovski, a Computer Vision Engineer at Tradiebot EU who has played an integral part in the development of tracking for our AR platform WorxAR, assisting in blending digital content into our real world.
We sat down with Darko to find out more about him.

What is your field of experience?
Digital and Embedded design, Image and Video processing (Computer vision techniques), Wireless Sensor Networks

What is your favourite sports team?
FC Barcelona

What are three hobbies you have?
Auto industry (innovated technology, IoT and sensor technology…), football and spending time with friends.

What do you enjoy about your job?
The basic benefits of working in innovation centre with a great team is that they can gather and design thinking for innovation can directly happen. For me, teamwork is the fundamental concept of people working together cooperatively, tasks are allocated according to the strengths and skills of each team member and they can be completed faster and more efficiently which results in a noticeable increase in productivity.

What food can you not live without?

What is one place you would love to travel to?
Places with different cultures, interested to see different way of living. (Africa, South America, Asia)

Who is your favourite actor?
Morgan Freeman

Who is someone you consider to have a brilliant mind?
“Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.” – Nikola Tesla
“If you can’t explain simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Power of 3-D Printed Parts

You may have seen it yourself. A car comes into the shop with only minor parts of the headlight damaged. Most commonly, the parts are lugs or brackets attaching the headlight to the car body. If the broken pieces are still available, small damages are repaired using a method like two part bonding agents or plastic fuse welding with a heat gun.

Melissa Steinken discusses the collaboration between Tradiebot and Swinburne University of Technology to bring 3-D printing and augmented reality (AR) to the collision repair industry.

Click Here to read the full article.


Tradiebot to feature at Australia & Vietnam Government Skills Conference in Vietnam 

Media Release 

As an emerging leader in digital automotive and trade training applications, Tradiebot has been invited to take part in a joint Australian and Vietnam Government Skills Conference held in Vietnam later this month. Tradiebot will join a handful of innovation companies from across the world who will take part in exclusive planning sessions on skills and training.

The program organised by the Australian Government, AusCham Vietnam, Austrade and WorldSkills Australia is designed to tackle the needs for new programs and technologies used in early training and skill development of the current workforce.

The week-long event will be hosted across 2 cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh featuring government representatives, education providers and an array of workshops, conferences, expert panels and demonstrations of new technologies in areas such as virtual reality platforms where Tradiebot will showcase its new to market SprayVIS product.

SprayVIS is the most technologically advanced, cost effective and compact virtual reality spray painting simulator on the market. The out-of-box plug and play solution developed by Tradiebot in Australia provides a new perspective in delivering training using virtual environments. The solution comes with 3 user modes including Expo, Training as the main feature and Leaner which is a light version software offered to schools as a platform to provide a direct connection to industry and stimulate interest in trades such as spray painting.

Tradiebot is in the final stages of packaging its ReadyTradeGO program that has the capacity to reach every school and home of students that have an interest in a career path such as spray painting or automotive repair. Using new smart devices such as virtual reality headsets that now are becoming more affordable and common in schools and homes around the world.

Tradiebot CEO Mario Dimovski will also be presenting and taking part in high level talks with officials from both governments and training providers addressing the need to introduce new digital solutions for training and information delivery to the auto industry and how to better connect with the future workforce via the education network.

Mario Dimovski said:

“We look forward to contributing in this program with the Australian and Vietnam Governments and the delegates from the training and education sectors.

Our software solutions offer a new perspective in generating interest for the younger generation using these new digital tools that they can relate to, be it either via a mobile phone, smart tablet or a VR gaming headset. These are everyday devices that the younger generation are now growing up around.

We aim to promote trades as a pathway to a secure and prospective career choice as the need to repair vehicles increases, though the flow of new apprentices is at a record low around the world. With technology in cars and repair methods becoming more complex, it is just as crucial to ensure that the technicians of today are equipped with the knowledge and understanding on how to carry out safer repairs and continually be upskilled on the ever-changing repair industry.”

This event is one of a number of exclusive trade missions and government related events Tradiebot is taking part in over the next few months. Working with Austrade and other government organisations Tradiebot will take part in an up and coming mission to India meeting leading OEM manufacturers and visiting auto innovation facilities as they continue to explore opportunities to expand their unique technology software systems in virtual and augmented reality. Trips to the USA, Europe and Middle East are also being explored in the next 12 months as Tradiebot strengthens its stature as a leading distributor in auto innovation solutions.


Further information

Tamara Lepar – Business Support Executive

Email: tamara.lepar@tradiebot.com

Ph: +61 419 393 278

BAE Systems Announces Showcase Exhibitors

BAE Systems has confirmed the exhibitors for their Conquering the Tyranny of Distance showcase in Darwin. Tradiebot will be showcasing the latest in virtual reality training technology.
Joining an invite only group of local innovation companies collaborating in the defence industry.