May 2020

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COVID-19 Accelerates Tradiebot Hologram Training Technology

Tradiebot has this week commenced their pilot program, utilising hologram-based technology and volumetric video to deliver pre-recorded training within a virtual environment anywhere and at any time. The project has recently taken priority over their other immersive training and information delivery technologies, with demand for such technology increasing due to COVID-19.

How the Technology Works?

Volumetric video is the process of capturing moving images of the real world, people and objects that can later be viewed from any angle at any moment in time. Using LIDAR technology not only are we able to record video but also determine the distance of each point in the video from the camera, thus allowing a more 3D experience which ultimately allows the user to be the director of the video they are watching with the ability to view the video from any angle.

Using this technology, users have the ability to record videos and deliver them in a hologram like experience where they are able to see a real-life figure delivering training to multiple users in various locations.

Connor Gibson, Head of Immersive Technologies at Tradiebot said:

“It is a very exciting development and one I am very passionate about, by using this technology along with VR, we are able to create training experiences like never before. We have received a large amount of interest from various companies regarding the hologram technology and if we could explore the option to incorporate this into our solutions. Tradiebot has since started to build the immersive studio, that will be available for customers to create their own hologram based content and stream it anywhere in the world in a virtual environment.”

The company had been initially working on the solution as an add on to its Tradieforce platform although with the recent events of COVID-19, the decision was made to shift all resources and accelerate the development as the demand grew to use such technologies for training and information delivery with the current restrictions on travel, social distancing and large crowd gatherings.

Tradiebot CEO, Mario Dimovski added:

“This is the future of how training will be delivered. To have the ability to scale on such a level not limited by geographical location or time zone is what we need to achieve.

Trade industries are struggling to upskill and train their workforce and the shortage of trainers and limitation on available skilled individuals are some of the key issues. We are now able to present training programs and have them delivered when and where we want, capture learning ability, and perform assessments in real time.”

Tradiebot is planning to establish additional trading hubs in the UK by the end of the year, in addition to its Australian and North American operations that will feature the hologram based studios.

Tradiebot Provides Staff COVID19 Training

As part of Tradiebot’s ongoing Workplace Health and Safety regime and our Duty of Care obligations to our employees, we have been closely monitoring information guides from Safe Work Australia in relation to the current COVID-19 situation, in doing so, we have also taken the extra precautions to ensure the well-being and safety of our staff.

As part of our commitment, all Tradiebot employees have now successfully completed the COVID-19 training course, that covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control that has been commissioned by the Australian Government’s Department of Health.

At Tradiebot our staff are at the core of our business and we are actively ensuring that we are providing a safe and happy work environment for all involved.

Tradiebot appoints Beth Rutter, Customer & Industry Engagement Director – North America

Tradiebot Industries, an Australian based immersive technology software company with divisions in North Macedonia has announced today the appointment of Beth Rutter, a long-time collision industry professional, who will lead the company’s expansion into the North American market. Rutter brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in the collision repair industry to her new role as Director of Industry and Customer Engagement, North America.

In recent, the company has been broadly publicized within the collision repair industry as their new technologies gain industry attention from all over the world, appearing in many print, online and video publications.

“I’m energized by the opportunity to join Tradiebot during this crucial moment in our industry. The prevalence of Advanced Driver Assist Systems, increased use of composite materials and the ever-increasing need for qualified technicians has created a perfect storm for our industry. Now more than ever, repair procedures, tools and equipment need to be as technologically advanced as the systems that have been damaged, and Tradiebot’s Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions are more than equal to the task.

I am excited to join CEO, Mario Dimovski and partners for this incredible opportunity and look forward to working closely with their talented team to introduce Tradiebot’s immersive training technology to the North American market.”

Beth Rutter earned her B.A. degree at the University of Calgary and is a 20 + year collision industry professional specializing in post-secondary education programs and digital training environments.

Her current role for a United States based Pilot Program, has allowed her to match her technical background with her successful leadership skills by building a mentorship program that supports entry level technicians in the workforce, while they earn their degrees at college.

She currently serves on the Collision Industry Conference’s Education and Training Committee, and Talent Pool Committee, as well as the Scholarship Committee at the Women’s Industry Network where she is currently building a mentorship program for young female scholarship winners.

With a focus on advancing technologies for the collision repair industry and training programs within schools, Beth was a very suited candidate to drive the Tradiebot early roll out into the market and forming relations with key industry bodies, collision groups, education providers and OEMs.

Mario Dimovski, CEO of Tradiebot Industries stated:

“The expansion for Tradiebot into the American market has been in planning for some time and I am delighted we have appointed Beth Rutter to head industry and customer engagement.

Beth possesses the right approach and deep understanding of Tradiebot’s, vision, culture and mission that will be vital as we introduce the Tradiebot advanced technologies to the local market and set up trading offices in the region,” added Mr Dimovski.

We have had strong interest from key stakeholders in the North American collision industry and support from industry bodies has been very positive.”

Dimovski went on to say, “Over the past 2 years I have made several trips to the USA, taking part in industry events and building our network of like-minded business associates with a shared interest in digital transformation within the collision repair industry. These relationships have formed a solid foundation for the introduction of our augmented and virtual reality technology solutions to the North American market and these solutions will have a huge impact on the way training and information is delivered in the near future in not only collision facilities but also training centers and schools.”

Tradiebot has appointed Chicago based law firm Polsinelli to manage their legal work, including all intellectual property matters for the company.

The Polsinelli team have been working with Tradiebot managing their evolving technology and material patents. The firm has also been instrumental in guiding Tradiebot through its legal affairs whilst planning their move into the US market and establishing a presence in the region.
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Beth Rutter will manage all North American industry and customer engagement for Tradiebot and focus on promoting the company’s virtual training products and education gaming technologies working with schools, industry and collision repair businesses to better connect with future apprentices. The first of its kind solution uses the latest in hardware and software products from global brands such as Intel, Oculus by Facebook and Google Firebase providing the best possible engagement and user experience.

Tradiebot CEO presents at IBIS 2020

Tradiebot CEO Mario Dimovski had the privilege of being one of key presenters at the IBIS 2020 USA simulcast.

Mario covered multiple topics that included the impact of virtual and augmented reality in the collision repair industry. Attendees also had a sneak peak of the virtual garage that featured a custom built and painted sports car created by the Tradiebot Industries team using our new gaming and training software for schools to be released post COVID-19.

Check out the presentation here, covering multiple topics that include the impact virtual and augmented reality is having in the collision repair industry.