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COVID-19 Accelerates Tradiebot Hologram Training Technology

Tradiebot has this week commenced their pilot program, utilising hologram-based technology and volumetric video to deliver pre-recorded training within a virtual environment anywhere and at any time. The project has recently taken priority over their other immersive training and information delivery technologies, with demand for such technology increasing due to COVID-19.

How the Technology Works?

Volumetric video is the process of capturing moving images of the real world, people and objects that can later be viewed from any angle at any moment in time. Using LIDAR technology not only are we able to record video but also determine the distance of each point in the video from the camera, thus allowing a more 3D experience which ultimately allows the user to be the director of the video they are watching with the ability to view the video from any angle.

Using this technology, users have the ability to record videos and deliver them in a hologram like experience where they are able to see a real-life figure delivering training to multiple users in various locations.

Connor Gibson, Head of Immersive Technologies at Tradiebot said:

“It is a very exciting development and one I am very passionate about, by using this technology along with VR, we are able to create training experiences like never before. We have received a large amount of interest from various companies regarding the hologram technology and if we could explore the option to incorporate this into our solutions. Tradiebot has since started to build the immersive studio, that will be available for customers to create their own hologram based content and stream it anywhere in the world in a virtual environment.”

The company had been initially working on the solution as an add on to its Tradieforce platform although with the recent events of COVID-19, the decision was made to shift all resources and accelerate the development as the demand grew to use such technologies for training and information delivery with the current restrictions on travel, social distancing and large crowd gatherings.

Tradiebot CEO, Mario Dimovski added:

“This is the future of how training will be delivered. To have the ability to scale on such a level not limited by geographical location or time zone is what we need to achieve.

Trade industries are struggling to upskill and train their workforce and the shortage of trainers and limitation on available skilled individuals are some of the key issues. We are now able to present training programs and have them delivered when and where we want, capture learning ability, and perform assessments in real time.”

Tradiebot is planning to establish additional trading hubs in the UK by the end of the year, in addition to its Australian and North American operations that will feature the hologram based studios.