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Metaverse? – It is a turn to the Virtual. VR has changed the past, is changing the present, and will transform the future. It is what we must consider to be the future interactive learning environment.

Trainers and educators have known for years that gamification of the learning content not only engages students, but makes learning fun and motivates through the competitive nature of the games. Nowadays, many organizations are understanding the significantly changed learning style of the next generations of potential employees and adopt immersive gamified learning platforms based on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

The rebranding of the largest online social network from Facebook to Meta is indicative of a shift that is well underway among the generation who are at schools now and is accelerating in those that will engage in learning in the future

It is a time to the virtual that is likely to play an important role in what we consider to be interactive learning environments.

Metaverse is a compound word of transcendence meta and universe and refers to a three-dimensional virtual world where users engage in a broad range of activities. It is widely used in the sense of a virtual world based on daily life where both the real and the digital coexist.

The idea of the Metaverse is wide and will continuously grow. We should not be confused by various definitions and existence of the similar concepts. It has the potential to provide users both fun and intriguing learning experiences. It provides opportunities for collaboration synchronized with multiple trainees and optionally with real-time supervising placed at different remote physical locations. Training in Metaverse provides immersive, safe and cost-effective learning environments with easy-to-use UI.

VR training is changing the way we learn and the way we design learning, for the better. It has been transforming learning since its inception and will likely continue to do so for years to come. VR has changed the past, is changing the present, and will transform the future.