Dr. Kristan Marlow


About Dr. Marlow

Dr Kristan Marlow completed his PhD in robotics at Deakin University’s Centre for Intelligent Systems Research with a focus on the design and kinematic performance analysis of parallel robotic mechanisms. During this time, he was awarded an Endeavour Fellowship that enabled him to attend King’s College London as a Visiting Researcher.


Before his PhD, Dr Marlow undertook an Engineering bachelor’s degree at Deakin University, majoring in Mechatronics and Robotics. He graduated with first-class honours and was awarded the Alfred Deakin Medal and Vice Chancellors prize for his academic success and contribution to university life. He was also awarded the Engineers Australia, Godfrey Hirst Australia, and Shell Geelong Refinery Awards for the most outstanding final year project in the Bachelor of Engineering.


Through his career, he has worked within the University and Industry sectors to develop novel robotic and mechatronic systems, along with IoT products, artificial habitats for the husbandry of insects, and food-waste recycling systems.


Dr Marlow is a highly motivated mechatronics engineer with a passion for innovation and technology. His expertise is in solving multi-faceted problems through fundamental and applied engineering, requiring a combination of electrical, mechanical and software components, by means of conceptualising ideas, prototyping designs and delivering solutions.