Dr. Shilong Liu

Dr. Shilong LIU - Grayscale

About Dr. Liu

Dr. Shilong Liu is the Chief Systems Engineer at Tradiebot Industries, leading the team in creating artificial intelligent platforms that will harvest the data needed to manage Tradiebot automated networks and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Dr. Liu completed his PhD in the Mechatronics School of the University of New South Wales, specialized in the field of image processing and applied mathematics. He was awarded full scholarship for his academic excellence and outstanding contributions in national projects when working in National Key Robotic Laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), China. After his PhD, he was awarded the highly competitive postdoctoral writing fellowship from the Faculty of Engineering, UNSW.

When he undertook his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he has received national awards in Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition and prize in Mathematical Competition. After the graduation, he was awarded full scholarship to undertake robotic research in his master degree, in BIT China.

With eight years’ project experience in the area of image processing & computer vision, he has always been passionate in systems automations. He is currently utilizing the Augmented Reality techniques to visualize the beauty of mathematics and image processing technologies.