Tradiebot is working with our customers and collaboration partners to develop future Workshop solutions using Industry 4.0 Technologies. Creating and adapting modular automated systems and smart platforms that improve efficiencies and drive productivity in the automotive repair environment.

Leading the way with application of technologies such as augmented reality (AR), robotics and additive manufacturing, we’re developing digital platforms and automated systems that can provide knowledge when and where it’s needed, fast track routine jobs, automate repairs, provide training, and deliver an up-skilled workforce.

Our services integrate and evolve seamlessly with automotive businesses, providing solutions for cost reduction, quality management, and waste minimisation.

Industries needs to work smarter, faster and be more agile to accommodate the rapid changes in market demand. Our systems bring knowledge and skills transfer to your fingertips whilst we develop an ever-expanding catalogue of data intelligence to be used for various applications across automotive trade and manufacturing industries.



Tradiebot is developing a number of automated and digital solutions in partnership with leading Universities, companies and professionals from around the world. We aim to revolutionise future processes and create future skills.


Augmented Reality – AR

WorxAR is revolutionary technology using Augmented Reality also known as AR. This smart vision-based platform that can provide detailed context relevant information when and where it’s needed via cloud-data management services hosted within your secure network or managed by WorxAR. The software can be tailored to suit customers needs using their own branding and integrated within their current users, parts, work flow or customer management systems. Some of the cool features allow access to standard operating procedures, repair manuals, real-time information on workshop jobs and intuitive training in a digital format accessible via smartphone, tablet or AR glasses.


Automated 3D Printing Repairs

Repairbot provides flexibility, precision and efficiency to repair automotive plastic parts such as headlight assemblies.  With our innovative materials technology and the application of state-of-the-art sensors, actuators and digital control logic, we’re providing robotic systems to improve the efficiency and repair assemblies previously not reparable due to missing or broken components.

Industrial robot systems have long been a part of OEM production processes, from materials handling applications to welding, vision systems and metrology. Many of the technologies being applied to the RepairBotSystem, such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, robotics and mechatronics are relatively well established in other discrete forms. This project represents a major innovation with the integration of these technologies together with a method for direct 3D printing on curved surfaces as well as the development of specialised materials for compatibility with automotive parts.

Workshop 4.0

Artificial Intelligence – AI

The Workshop 4.0 software tools enhance efficiency and assist in decision making using AI. This provides a vital link with the Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative robot systems, CAD files, data processing and design information. Machine learning will allow Tradiebot systems, our customers and their networks to work intuitively together, faster and smarter. The Workshop 4.0 system will provide clients with intuitive management of all aspects of repair systems,training processes, logistics, connectivity to the supply chain and the client user interface for each of the automated Tradiebot systems. Workshop 4.0 portal for client services including management and access to developed and service intellectual property. It is the platform for control and user information facilitated with regular updates on industry specific technical data, qualified design and process information. Being a cloud based service, the functionality of the system evolves with the client needs. Data gathered from operations may be harvested for continuous improvement with the aid of analytics provided by artificial intelligence. This includes management of the digital parts catalogue (CAD) data via suppliers and in-house development.

Advanced Materials

3D Printing Car Parts

Using advanced materials including plastics and reinforced composites, the aim is to reduce lead time and address the feasibility of on demand supply of 3d printed replacement and resortation parts. Systems incorporating a design catalogue of parts including specified compatible materials, optimised part geometries and print procedures for a series of in-house and networked 3D printer machines. Replacement parts and assembly aids including lugs, brackets, pins and fixtures can be printed in parallel of other repair processes and delivered to the location in time for the assembly process. Development activity is focused primarily on validating materials, part geometry and print methods to meet automotive standards for reliability, performance and safety.

Working with Collision industry partners to create a more efficient and cost-effective method for manufacturing parts that are unavailable to be bought separate, out of stock or discontinued.



Tradiebot’s digital solutions help businesses adapt, comply, assess, repair and rebuild. Our systems bring knowledge and skills transfer to your fingertips whilst we develop an ever-expanding catalogue of data intelligence to be used for various applications across trade and manufacturing industries.

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We’re addressing the skills gap and shortage of new workforce coming into trade based industries such as automotive repair. We’re developing smart systems that will focus on taking the pain out of routine tasks performed within the repair facility such as wiping, scuffing, washing and movements of parts as well as quoting, ordering, and accurate record keeping.



Our Artificial intelligence (AI) software is the tool to enhance efficiency. It will be a vital link with the Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative robot systems (co-bots) and data processing. With machine learning, AI will allow Tradiebot machines and our customers to work intuitively together, faster and smarter. These systems provide essential real-time information for business decisions.



Using virtual and augmented reality, we’re able to create live interactive smart platforms that enable training and information to be intuitive, accessible anywhere anytime, when training or upskilling your work force. The systems enable the users to create and access new procedures and content stored in the database with intelligent feedback and advice for continuous improvement.



Modern automation is about utilizing machine precision, speed and accuracy to do repetitive tasks with zero defects and perfect consistency.  Combined with nominal human interaction, an agile automated system will enable a dramatic improvement in production efficiency and quality.


Robotic machines bring flexibility, precision and efficiency to a production system.  With the right combination of sensors, actuators and digital control logic they can free up labour by performing a wide variety of tasks including moving materials, scanning, sorting, cutting, joining, polishing and prepping materials. 


To be continually improving first you must know what you have. Metrology is at the heart of accuracy and precision. It is the basis of understanding the source of variability and controlling it. Tradiebot is implementing  state of the art digital scanning systems that are becoming cheaper, faster and more accurate than ever before.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a vision-based platform that is capable of providing detailed context-based information when and where it is needed in industrial and business applications.  This is especially useful for providing intuitive training, standard operating procedures, repair manuals and real-time information on workshop jobs.


Recent advances in industrial 3D printing have been focused more on improving materials performance and controlling the melt flow properties for the application and the printing process.  Tradiebot is developing specialised polymer materials that are able to be printed directly on plastic parts for repair and refurbishment.


According to lean best practices, transport, excess inventory, motion and waiting, are recognised as the first four of the seven forms of waste in the work environment.  Our unmanned vehicle systems automatically provide the right materials when and where you need them, eliminating the waste.



As Tradiebot is growing we’re dedicated to building the industries most experienced team with a focus on industry 4.0 solutions and applying new digital technologies for automotive repairs and the services industry.  Our team is represented by a depth of automotive industry experience, academic excellence and a diversity of creative and technical know-how. This allows Tradiebot to stay ahead of the curve finding new ways to match real needs with outstanding solutions.   



Mario Dimovski

Founder - Chief Creator

Mario Dimovski


Dr. Nikola Rendevski

Operation Director - EU

Dr. Nikola Rendevski


Dr. Aleksandar Markoski

Technical Director - EU

Dr. Aleksandar Markoski


Dr. Kristan Marlow

Engineering and Operational Technology - Director

Dr. Kristan Marlow

Project Leads


Dr. Mats Isaksson

Project Lead - Repair-bot

Dr. Mats Isaksson

Dr. Shilong LIU - Grayscale

Dr. Shilong Liu

Chief Systems Engineer

Dr. Shilong Liu


Dr. Mostafa Nikzad

Project Lead - Material Science

Dr. Mostafa Nikzad


Andrej Markoski

Chief Product Engineer - EU

Andrej Markoski



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