Mario Dimovski presenting at this years Industrial Internet 4.0 Summit

Our founder Mario Dimovski will be joining an elite list of speakers at this years Industrial Internet 4.0 Summit in Sydney from 26th to 28th Feb. He will be presenting on developments in 3dprinting and robotics for repairs and maintenance. His session is on day one at 16.30. A great event to attend featuring some of the brightest minds across most industries and academia. automotive innovation digitaltransformation

Tradiebot Welcomes Dr. Matthew David to Our Board

As we expand our team of industry 4.0 professionals and experts, Tradiebot welcomes Dr. Mathew David to our executive board.

Dr. Matthew David holds a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He has 12+years of R&D experience in composites for aerospace and automotive applications. He began his career at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as a research engineer focused on activities in the field of crashworthiness and composite bonding technologies. During his time at DLR, he collaborated on various multi-disciplinary research programs with international research institutions and government agencies. Following this, he joined Multimatic, a tier 1 Canadian automotive parts supplier where he was a key contributor to the development of high performance composite parts using advanced modelling and simulation tools. Currently Dr. David is Centre Manager of AMAC at UNSW where he contributes his technical expertise to a variety of advanced manufacturing projects. These include automated composite manufacturing and enabling technologies for Industry 4.0, a key initiative helping Australian companies to engage in applications through the introduction of smart monitoring of manufacturing processes and structural health monitoring.

Dr David is the latest of the Tradiebot recruits to join the management and development team. We look forward to Dr David’s contribution as we deliver a new generation of technologies for the collision repair industry. 

New 3D Printing (PP) Composite for Auto Parts

What a great way to kick off the new year as Tradiebot start trials on a new PP (Polypropylene) composite filament specially developed for 3D printing auto parts and direct 3D printing repairs on plastic components. Credit to our research team behind the exciting development.  In the last 18 months our lead materials scientists, Dr Mostafa Nikzad at Swinburne University of Technology, has developed the specialised formula that meets the process and performance characteristics for an automotive application. This exciting new additive manufacturing advancement will allow repair and bespoke production of a range of plastic automotive parts and is a vital part of our IMCRC sponsored RepairBot Project lead by Dr Mats Isaksson. Tradiebot COO Jason Miller said it’s a great achievement and a good example of the exciting developments we’ll be making progress on at Tradiebot this year.

Jason Miller appointed Chief Operating Officer of Tradiebot

Tradiebot Industries announces the appointment of Jason Miller as Chief Operating Officer, assigned to drive the company’s developments of Industry 4.0 technology solutions and the businesses operational development. Mr Miller combines a background in business and advanced technology development with over 20 years’ experience in the automotive sector including senior roles at Futuris Automotive, Clutch Industries and Delphi Automotive Systems, and more recently with Swinburne University of Technology in business development and research project management, specialising in product development, advanced manufacturing technologies and robotics systems.

Jason’s appointment will add strength to the Tradiebot extended engineering and project development team, now close to 20 strong.

Tradiebot is developing a number of technology solutions that will transform collision repair processes with the use of artificial intelligent systems, automation, unmanned ground services vehicles, and virtual/augmented reality platforms for service technicians and training.

Tradiebot Industries is collaborating with key industry partners PPG, Capital SMART, AMA/Gemini, Belron International, and GE Additive. Current innovation projects with universities including Swinburne University of Technology and the University of NSW, are co-funded by the federal government via the Innovative Manufacturing Collaborative Research Centre (IMCRC) and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC). The last 12 months have been instrumental as we establish our position as one of the industries key innovators. 2019 is shaping up to be a massive leap forward, working with our partners involved with testing prototypes, systems development and roll out of a number of innovative solutions.

ZF gets green light for drone deliveries in Germany

ZF is the first company in Germany to receive official approval for automated drone flights over factory premises. A drone prototype has recently started flying spare parts such as sensors or control cards from the central warehouse to workshops.

As soon as the test flights are complete and drones properly deployed, such flights will relieve vehicle traffic at the plant and save time on the up to one kilometre-long delivery routes that are often on the upper floors of buildings.

In the long term, packages could even be delivered outside of factory premises, for example to facilitate package delivery in residential areas that are difficult to access.

The six-motor drone can transport up to five kilograms in weight by air – or three kilograms of goods after taking into account the grippers and transport box.

This is sufficient for the vast majority of spare parts and tools that need to be transported on company premises. Safety is also a top priority when transporting goods by drone. The 30 km/h hexacopter mainly flies over the roofs of plant buildings and only crosses driveways and sidewalks where there is no alternative.

“At the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover this year, we showed the technologies which we are developing to enable the autonomous depot. With the drone, we are taking the transport chain to the next level,” said Fredrik Staedtler, head of ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Technology division.

“With approvals for automated drone flights from the Stuttgart Regional Administrative Authority and the German Air Traffic Control DFS, we can accelerate logistics processes in the plant and at the same time strengthen our technological leadership position.

“Chief Maintenance Technician Michael Wiest took advantage of ‘agile working’ at ZF and very quickly and creatively implemented logistics-by-drone from an initial idea.

“He pushed the project forward when policymakers were only considering allowing fully automated drone flights but had not yet drafted legal provisions,” continued Staedtler.

Drones, mostly equipped with cameras, could until now only be used privately or commercially for mapping, monitoring factory fences or surveying, for example. ZF is now the first company in Germany to use automated drones to transport goods on its plant premises.

“We still need to make some adjustments to achieve a completely smooth flight before our delivery drone can be permanently integrated into the logistics process chain,” said Matthias Haberstroh, head of Supply Chain Management at ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Technology division.

“The transport system was extensively tested by our supplier, but we still had to further test a number of different navigation sensors on site in Friedrichshafen which also ensure precise positioning between the plant halls.”

In the mid-term, other companies could also use the delivery drones industrialised by ZF on their premises. In the long-term, delivery drones could also be used outside of protected factory premises to support couriers, express and parcel services.

Tradiebot Appoints Chief Systems Engineer

Tradiebot Industries is proud to announce the appointment of Dr Shilong Liu as our Chief Systems Engineer. Dr Liu will oversee the development of our smart systems. He will lead the team in creating artificial intelligent platforms that will harvest the data needed to manage Tradiebot automated networks and Industry 4.0 solutions. We congratulate and welcome Dr Liu to our team.

AR and VR Demo at Campbeltown TAFE NSW open day

At Campbeltown TAFE NSW open day. Doing some AR and VR demos. Now Vehicle information at the touch of your finger tips. Identifying types of metals for collision repairs and more using Tradiebot Industries augmented reality software.